Dressing Appropriately

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Hey everyone, really excited that you decided to join me today. I wanted to make a more informative post on my travel blog today,so apologies to everyone that comes here to see cool lists and reviews of places to go. Today I wanted to talk about dressing appropriately for the places you are visiting as it seems to be a huge problem with travelers right now. It might have been a problem for years, but my limited experience shows there! Read more

Travel Items Checklist

15/06/2017 Main

Welcome everyone! Any of my regular readers will know exactly where they are, and for any new readers welcome to my travel and tourism blog. Whenever I set out to go travelling, the first thing I make for myself is a checklist of items I will need for my travels. This varies depending on where I am going, how long I will be staying as well as the budget for my travels but there some things that always stay constant, that you will need no matter where you travels bring you. I decided to create a list of some of this items, to give any first time or beginners travelers a bit of help when packing. Being the frugal traveler that I am, all of my items are purchased used from http://www.for-sale.co.uk/ and I advise you all to do the same as it allows for a bigger travelling budget. Read more

Chips around the world

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Chips around the world

Hey everyone, welcome back to my travel and tourism blog. I was just down at the corner store/pharmacy/supermarket to pick up a bag of chips and I was distressed to find that my beloved Lays chips were no longer sold there. Most people around the world know the friendly banner of lays and their brightly coloured bag, but the different flavours that you get in various countries would surprise you. I have found nori seaweed, honey, and New York steak flavoured chips in Asia. In Europe, I found some paprika, cucumber and guacamole, and this very strange flavour called Texas popcorn. Read more

Nepal – The Roof of the World

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There are Countries which are more fascinating then others. Sometimes there is no peculiar reason for that. It is just a feeling. One can't really explain it logically. But you feel the urge to travel there – again and again.
Actually, for me this is Nepal. You may remember I already mentioned it in my last post about countries to visit in 2017. This time I will provide some more information on this wonderful country. Read more

Top 5 countries to visit in 2017.

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Top 5 countries to visit in 2017.

I love to travel. I feel that as someone who is writing a travel and tourism blog it should be pretty obvious, but it’s true. I love travelling. One of the major problems with loving to travel is that no matter how many countries you have visited there is always more to visit.   Read more

Things to Bring with you-Canada

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Things to Bring with you-Canada

Hello people, welcome back to my travel and tourism blog. I’m really excited about my topic today, as it covers something close to me. Any readers ever went to Canada? I lived the first 20 years of my life there and just recently went back after a couple years away and it was great. I went with my girlfriend who had never been there before so we went on over to http://www.used.forsale/ and found everything we needed for the trip. I kept out list so that I can share it with you guys for your next trip to the Great White North. Read more


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Thanks for coming back once again to my travel and tourism blog folks. It is really humbling to have such a loyal and friendly readership and it really inspires me to keep coming up with fresh ideas to share with you guys. This post is going to be about an area of Spain where I spent a few months hanging out this time last year. I absolutely fell in love with the place. The area is known as Andalusia and sits on Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast. The capital city of Andalusia is Seville, but is also home to other great historic cities such as Malaga and Greneda.  I personally flew into Malaga and then caught a bus to the small seaside town of Almunecar, where I based myself for the duration of my trip. Almunecar, and Andalusia as a whole, is steeped in history and draws huge cultural and architectural influence from Moorish rule from the 8th to 15th centuries. The cuisine is largely based around a fresh fish diet due to proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and local tradition of free tapas with every drink is still practised by the majority of eateries! The thought process behind this is that it allows customers to sample a restaurant's cooking free of charge with the aim of enticing them back for a larger meal at a later time or date. The whole town and its people had a charm about it that I can’t quite put my finger upon. All I know is that I felt very at home there and I can’t wait to go back. I would love to possibly make the town my home, but who knows how Brexit will affect those aspirations? Anyway folks, if you are ever in Spain, be sure to visit Andalucia. And if you are ever in Andalucia, be sure to visit Almunecar. Tell the guys at La Tralla restaurant I said hola! Bye for now! Read more

Travelling with a baby.

19/11/2016 Main
Travelling with a baby

Hi everyone, hopefully you’ve all been enjoying the recent posts on my travel and tourism blog.   I’ve just returned from my first trip abroad travelling with the little one and my partner and I’m so excited with how well it went that I am currently planning the next one!  There are plenty of new things to buy and one of the few new items I have purchased for my trip is a travel wallet.  Prior to this last week I hadn’t really thought of how useful a travel wallet could be, however travelling as part of a duo, or even harder, as part of a family it can be tough to keep track of all your travel documents and spending.   I purchased an Aspinal of London travel wallet online from aused classified ads website and so far it’s amazing!  Anyway, because I’ve been looking into travelling with a baby I thought today I would share with you a few of the tips and tricks I discovered this trip.  If you have any I’ve missed out that you’d like to share with us all please email them across to me as I’m sure there’s plenty of things I have missed out on! Read more

Moped Rental

18/11/2016 Main
Moped Rental

Howdy folks! How are we all this fine Monday morning? (At least it is Monday morning for me, who know when you might be reading this?) Welcome back to my travel and tourism blog. It is really great to have you back and I just can’t wait to get started and share my latest post with you. It is on a subject that is extremely close to my heart. But firstly i just wanted to thank all those emailed in with their thoughts on my last post. Constructive feedback is the lifeblood of this blog and I really encourage you to share your points of view with me so I can continue to evolve and develop my writing style in accordance with your needs and wants. So anyway, onto today's topic - renting a moto or moped when on holiday. So why are we talking about this? Surely this should be a straightforward process? Well you would be right i saying so. Probably a little too straightforward in all honesty. In most cases you simply handover your passport and get handed the keys. Nobody asks to check your license (assuming you have one), ability level or travel insurance. And you have just handed over your precious travel document in way of a deposit. Often no contracts are signed and you have no way of knowing how much you might be expected to pay for repairs should you suffer an accident (never mind your hospital bills which is a whole other consideration). My advice would be to think carefully before hiring a moto or scooter and be sure to ask exactly what the deal is and get it in writing. You’d be crazy to even consider getting on one without insurance, but be sure to double check that your insurance actually covers you for such activities first. Stay safe out there folks!  Read more


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Hi folks, well I am still enjoying the travelling life, and have ended up spending the last few months travelling in Australia where I have discovered the incredible joy of a motorhome. Wow, a life that is only really possible in somewhere as big as Australia. You must do yourself a favour and put a motorhome trip on your bucket list. The best way is to purchase a second hand motor home online. Read more

Traveling abroad

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Traveling abroad Read more


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LifeStraw Read more

Travel Pillow

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Travel Pillows

Hi folks. Today I want to talk about travelling practicalities. There are three very practical essentials that I take with me on every trip I go on. A plastic bin bag, (to line my rucksack and store dirty clothes), a basic first aid kit (for those little mishaps after one too many glasses of the local tipple of wherever I may be) and my travel pillow. I can absolutely not be without my travel pillow. It is an essential piece of kit for any trip of any length. Weather it be on a bus, train, plane, car, boat or sitting on a bench in departures of whatever airport, it just makes the discomfort of travel so much more bearable. In this blog post I’ll give you a rundown of the best travel pillows for sale on the market today and the best place to find one that will suit you down to the ground and save you a whole lot of unnecessary neck pain. Read more

Why I love to travel.

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Hi folks its Nelly here with my latest ramblings. I hope you are all doing well! I thought for this blog entry I would talk a little more about why exactly I love to travel. I mentioned in my introduction to the blog that when I was younger I was actually scared of the thought of traveling. I guess none of my family had really travelled much so I had nothing to aspire to in that respect. As a lover of art, culture and history though I soon realised how important travel could be in moulding  me as a person. I realised that there was so much more to my life than just the everyday mundane existence of working  a 9-5 job or having a family at a young age. For me these were not aspirational things and I longed for something more. Read more


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Hey Guys its Nelly here! So I am currently trying to tick off as many European cities as I can and most recently I got the chance to travel to Budapest! Wow, what a beautiful city. So for those of you who have never been, Budapest is a city of two halves – on the one side of the river you have Buda and on the other you have Pest. The city itself really does have something for everyone from the beautiful historic architecture, the outdoor café culture, cheap beer to hidden cocktail bars and underground raves. It really is a city that you can while away the hours wondering around and absorbing the culture and charm. Read more

Best mobile phone for Travel

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Hello again, my name’s Nelly, sorry it’s took me a while to update the blog, been a busy bee. I hope you enjoyed my first few articles and I really hope you’re considering visiting Killarney at some point. Well it’s that time of year now where the weather isn’t great so most people just end up stuck in the house not really doing anything other than watching TV or playing games. I don’t let a little thing like the weather stop me and if it just means wearing a few more layers of clothing, then sticking on a pair of gloves, a scarf and a woolly hat, then so be it. Read more

Severin Travel Steam Iron

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Hope you enjoyed reading my post on Killarney, it really is my favourite place to visit when I’m in Ireland. This post is about something completely different, It had been sitting in the box waiting for a test drive on my next break away after a friend had recommend I buy one as they’d heard good things. Well last weekend I got my chance to try it out on a weekend away to, yes, you guessed it Killarney. After writing about Killarney in my last post, it really got me reminiscing so I thought why not, let’s go for a long weekend. I had to wrap up but it’s still beautiful no matter what time of the year. Read more

Visit Killarney

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Hello and welcome back to Nelly’s Travel Blog. Before we move onto the rest of the world, I wanted to talk about a place which I hold dear to my heart. I’m an Irish bird so I spent many of my childhood days visiting the beautiful spots in Ireland with me Ma and Da. The place we used to visit the most and which is absolutely stunning, is Killarney. You’d definitely class Killarney as what you’d call a walking town. It is full of history everywhere you turn. It was Ireland’s first National Park and spans over 26,000 acres. The beautiful woodland is teaming with wildlife and natural beauty. The sandstone mountains look truly picturesque with the low-lying lakes scattered all around. Read more


Welcome to Nelly's Travel Blog

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I was always too scared to travel when I was younger and found the idea of travelling around a bunch of foreign countries, real scary, now I can’t get enough of it and travelling really is my passion. My name is Nelly at this is my Travel blog, hope you like it. Join in with your travel stories and travel tips, favourite destinations and so on, keep following my blog, I’ll be posting again soon. Read more